Our services in day lighting design are described in the following paragraphs. The remuneration is according to §6 HAOI96 in Germany and SIA in Switzerland. For Austria, the remuneration guidelines for technical offices apply.

  • Theoretical evaluation of the sun's path based on environmental conditions.
  • Computer aided determination of punctual sunlighting considering shaded areas on the outside and inside of rooms and representation of sunlighting during the course of days and years. Representation using sun path and time bar charts.
  • Computer aided determination of different sunlighting conditions in facility-specific areas at certain times based on environmental conditions. Representation in facade views and ground plans with project specific recommendations.
  • Computer aided quantitative and qualitative registration of daylight conditions in the form of daylight quotient calculations. Thereby, the dependencies of the geometrical dimensions of the daylight openings of the room as well as it's internal and external reflection relations and it's obstruction is considered. Sun protection, protection against dazzle and redirection measures are not considered. Representation is in the form of diagrams and drawings.
  • Determination of the optimal arrangement of daylight systems in relation to the location of a room, it's individual parts and their acting in combination with room related system parts.
  • Calculation of the intensity of light in outer areas in relation to the geographical localtion of the object for clear, covered and partly covered sky.
  • Planning and development of day lighting systems in following stages:

    • Exact definition of daylight systems (sun protection, protection against dazzle and redirection measures).
    • Fixation of the daylight systems via exact calculations of the light-technical codes.
    • Verifications of the systems with respect to their matching to certain norms.
    • Dimensioning of all lighting systems (geometrical & optical).
    • Representation of the design as a drawing.
    • Cost calculation.
    • Creation of invitation for tenders.
    • Verification of directories of abilities.

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